Four-year-old Charlotte Gow (left)

Four-year-old Charlotte Gow (left)

Literacy centre offers reading workshop

The Junction Literacy Centre offers the Come Read with Me workshops to parents with children in Grade 1.

North Okanagan children, and parents, are being invited to Come Read with Me.

The Junction Literacy Centre offers the Come Read with Me workshops in the Vernon School District to parents with children in Grade 1.

“I absolutely love the Come Read with Me workshop. It puts parents on the right foot to help them foster their children’s love of books,” said Rheannell Gow, a mother of two.

For parents who don’t think they have enough time to read, she says that her family reads to both children as part of their bed time routine. She and her husband started reading nursery rhymes to their oldest daughter, Evelyn, when she was a newborn. Now Evelyn reads to her younger sister and the siblings bond over books.

“Their imagination just soars,” said Rheanell, adding that the best way to get her kids to sleep has been to, “turn off the TV and open a book.”

Charlene Baker, learning resource teacher at Alexis Park Elementary, emphasizes that for parents who feel they “don’t have the temperament to support their child’s reading, it is important to read books with just the right text so reading is easy. Books that are too hard discourage parents and children.”

The Come Read with Me workshop gives parents enjoyable ways to reinforce what their children are learning about reading in school.  Parents learn some fun, simple strategies to turn their kids onto books and to help them to become confident readers.

These workshops take the guesswork away for parents who aren’t sure how to encourage and support their child’s early reading skills,” said Debbie Schiller, executive director of the Junction Literacy Centre.

“For many parents, it reinforces that they are on the right track.”

Families also receive a free kit of fun reading supplies including a book, a flashlight (for reading under the covers at night) and some word cards and magnets.

“The fun book, games and family-friendly tips help make reading together relaxing and stress-free,” said Schiller.

The workshop is made possible thanks to $10,000 from Nixon Wenger Lawyers for this and other family literacy projects.

The donations is the fourth of a five-year, $50,000 commitment to the Junction Literacy Centre from Nixon Wenger.

“All parents with children in grade one should watch for an invitation and plan to attend,” said Schiller of the Come Read with Me workshop.