Head librarian

Head librarian

Literacy supported through the ages

Kalamalka Rotary Club makes donation to Okanagan Regional Library

The Kalamalka Rotary Dream Auction is helping local residents who need large print material to continue to enjoy reading.

The $2,500 donation provided almost 100 new books in a variety of categories for the large print collection of the Vernon branch of Okanagan Regional Library.

“We saw know that there is an aging population in Vernon and we wanted to help support the seniors who use the collection,” said Cheryl Schmidt, Kalamalka Rotary donation committee member.

The 1,402 large print books in the Vernon branch represent 10 per cent of the ORL large print collection or 13,403 books.

The Vernon large print collection had a circulation of 10,287 in 2011, accounting for 15 per cent of the total ORL large print circulation.

“This certainly illustrates how popular this collection is in the Vernon branch. The additional books purchased with this donation will further increase this circulation,” said Maureen Curry, branch head librarian.

“The large print collection has been part of the library for more than 25 years and it has always been a popular collection in Vernon. I have seen some of our avid readers in regular print move into the Large Print Collection.”

The adult collection librarian for the ORL chooses the books for the large print collection, looking for popular authors and getting the latest books in large print when they are available.

“The primary interest in large print is novels, but we also add non-fiction when we can, including in history, poetry and other subjects. We take requests and find the books if possible. We have Readers’ Digest available in large print,” said Curry.

“Readers tell us that they just couldn’t live without the large print books. This allows them to continue with an activity that they love. It’s wonderful.”

Readers who are home bound have friends or caregivers come in to the library to select books for them.

The collection includes popular novels, romances, westerns, science fiction and fantasy. The books purchased with the Kalamalka Rotary Club donation were sent directly to Vernon and each one has a bookplate saying it is from the club.

Curry said the library is happy to receive donations to buy books for the general or for specific collections. One life-long reader and active library user had a donation made to the library to mark a 100th birthday.

“We want people to be able to have reading material to suit their tastes for as long as they want to read,” said Curry.