Local goes green

Vernon native Adrienne Sanders spent her summer making a positive impact on the environment across the province

A Vernon native spent her summer making a positive impact on the environment across the province..

Born and raised in Vernon, Adrienne Sanders is a 23-year-old political science graduate from the University of Victoria.

After finishing university, Sanders accepted one of six positions as an ElectroRecycle Ambassador, travelling the province over the summer to raise awareness and educate communities about ElectroRecycle, the not-for-profit, province-wide recycling program for small household appliances and power tools.

At the start of her journey, Sanders said: “My ambassador partner, Brody (whom also doubles as the poor soul whom will have to listen to me sing in the car for countless hours this summer) and I will be traveling across my favorite place in the world this summer, the stunning Vancouver Island, promoting a cause that is near and dear to my heart, recycling!”

For Sanders, being an ElectroRecycle Ambassador was an opportunity to promote an issue she is passionate about, while exploring the beauty of our province. In her role, she networked with local stakeholders and visited recycling depots to gain insight into recycling behaviours in B.C., learning how ElectroRecycle can work towards maximizing waste reduction. Over the course of the summer, she travelled from Port Hardy to Salt Spring Island and everywhere in between.

“I think it is so important to remember that everyone’s input, being either this woman’s effort or your household’s effort, is vital for preserving the future of our environment,” Sanders wrote in her blog. “I was reminded again how precious this province is.”

As the tour comes to an end, Sanders is preparing for a month-long trek to India’s Mount Kanchenjunga with her mother, expecting the experience to further strengthen her resolve to live sustainably. When she returns, she will shift focus back to education as she considers pursuing environmental law or a political science master’s program.

One thing is for certain – she’ll always maintain a green lifestyle. For Sanders, living sustainably is no longer a choice, but a responsibility.

ElectroRecycle was launched in October 2011 to meet a recycling mandate from the provincial Ministry of the Environment. It is the first recycling program of its kind in Canada, and the only government-approved recycling program in B.C. for electrical appliances.

“Adrienne is an excellent example of a local individual who is taking action to change the environment for the better,” said Hilary Strath, account executive with Edelman (PR company).

To find out more about the ElectroRecycle Ambassadors, visit electroambassadors.ca. For information on ElectroRecycle and where to recycle small appliances and power tools, visit electrorecycle.ca.