Local site part of caching

A total of three cache containers have been hidden in each of B.C.’s six regions

A partnership between Backroad Mapbooks and the provincial government is bringing geo-caching to 18 of B.C.’s recreation sites, including one in the North Okanagan.

A total of three cache containers have been hidden in each of B.C.’s six regions, plus two bonus caches for a total of 20 caches. The caches are named and hidden under three specific themes: on the trail, on the road and on the water. For the Okanagan, the water theme is centred on the Evely Recreation Site on Westside Road.

“Geo-caching is a game that crosses provincial and national borders,” said Steve Thompson, forests minister.

“This program provides another incentive for people to enjoy our beautiful forests at our recreation sites and trails.”

To find out more about the program, including instructions and which recreation sites and trails are taking part, visit www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours/backroadmapbooks

The object of the tour is to find all the hidden caches and swap and collect items inside the containers.

As you collect different treasures under each theme, you then place the corresponding stickers on a sticker collection page. Once you collect all stickers in each region, you can send them in to receive the Backroad Mapbooks regional geocoin.

“Celebrating 20 years is a big milestone for Backroad Mapbooks,” said Chris Taylor, vice-president of the company.

“What better way for us to celebrate than to continue to find other ways to promote Canada’s great outdoors.”