Managers take to roof for food drive

Rooftop food drive atop Village Green Centre's Save on Foods will last as long as it takes to collect 12,800 lbs for Salvation Army

A local food drive is going to extreme heights this week.

Starting Monday, Jim Tennant, Save on Foods store manager; David MacBain of Salvation Army; Kelly Kedrosky, Village Green Centre marketing director and Scott Adam, VGC manager, will be camping out up on the rooftop of Save on Foods to raise food and funds for the Fare Fight for Food challenge.

“We encourage everyone to drop by the Village Green Centre and donate as much food as possible. If we raise the most amount of food, Village Green Centre will be getting a $10,000 grant for our local partnering food bank,” said Kedrosky.

“Our goal is to raise over 12,800 lbs. of food over the course of a week.”

The four will be taking shifts atop Save On Foods, starting at 11:30 a.m. Monday, with Tennant sticking to his rooftop post as long as it takes to reach the goal of collecting 12,800 lbs. of food.

“It could be all week,” said Kedrosky.

Village Green Centre (managed by Bentall Kennedy Canada LP), has partnered with the Salvation Army and Save on Foods to compete against other Bentall Kennedy shopping centres to win the grant.

“The Salvation Army encourages the public to support Village Green Centre’s goal of winning the $10,000 first prize for raising the most amount of food across the country through the Bentall Kennedy challenge. Thank you to the Vernon and area public and businesses for continuing to remember those in need through supporting The Salvation Army,” said MacBain.

For more information about the Fare Fight For Food campaign, visit

The public can also enter the online contest for a chance to win groceries for a year (a $3,000 value) and support their local food bank.