Maggi Bangma (left) and Jenna Lutsenko

Maggi Bangma (left) and Jenna Lutsenko

Marathon work for caring quilters

Quilters come together for marathon quilting session

On any given Monday, a group of about 25 quilters work on personal projects. But recently, they came together for the community.

Emmanuel Baptist Church played host to the quilters who completed a total of 63 quilts for the church and the community.

The group started quilting together 12 years ago in the house of Barbara Haupt but has since moved to the church on Mission Hill.

“We started our quilting in 2000 at my house, but we grew to big so we moved here to the church into 2006,” said Haupt, one of the group organizers.

“Every Monday, we quilt for our own projects, but this time is a very special time where we make care quilts and comfort quilts that go out to the community,” said Haupt.

The building was filled with sewing machines and work tables while people from the church and the community were busy putting the quilts together.

It’s not the first time this event has happened either, the group of quilters host an event like this once every couple of years.

“We usually do this every two years and we push out a large number of quilts each time. We’ve done it about five or six times so far,” said Haupt.

While most of the people that attended the event were regular Monday quilters, there were also a few first timers who lent a hand for the cause.

The regular quilters worked on sewing everything together while the other women, some with little quilting experience, helped with other jobs like tying the quilts together.

“It really is a group project,” said Haupt.