Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson

Mission hosting open house

Upper Room Mission will hold a public open house and volunteer appreciation Sunday.

Vernon’s Upper Room Mission is throwing open the doors.

The non-profit agency will hold a public open house and volunteer appreciation Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m.

“People can come and see what we’re really about,” said Lisa Anderson, fundraising director.

Among the services provided are a women’s shelter and access to services such as the street nurse. URM also operates two thrift shops.

“We’re not just a soup kitchen,” said Anderson, adding that about 200 meals are provided daily to those in need.

“We see all walks of life come here. It’s not just the homeless. We are seeing seniors and families with kids — people with low-income.”

Even for those individuals who are working, making ends meet can be challenging.

“They have to decide if they want food or pay the rent and you need a roof over your head,” said Anderson.

The event will also be an opportunity to praise the 150 volunteers who work behind the scenes.

“The longest volunteer has been here for 34 years and that’s longer than I’ve been alive. That’s dedication,” said Anderson.

“If we didn’t have volunteers, we couldn’t run the facility.”

Anderson also wants to use the open house as an opportunity to celebrate the community, which supports URM with donations of money and food.

Residents can provide feedback on the mission.

“We never get any input on how we’re doing, the things we could do better or the things we’re doing right,” said Anderson.

The Italian Kitchen Company is sponsoring the open house.


The Upper Room Mission is located at 3403 27th Ave. For more information, call 250-549-1231.