Mowers return to festival

North Okanagan Lawnmower Racing Club hits the track Oct. 27

Armstrong’s 12th annual Harvest Pumpkin Festival will again have the North Okanagan Lawnmower Racing Club (NOLRC) join in for the activities Oct. 27.

NOLRC racers have been part of Harvest Pumpkin Festival for the past seven years and are always a crowd pleaser.

Starting with three drivers, they have grown into a club of more than 20 members and can be found racing throughout the Okanagan Valley, the Kootenays and into the Fraser Valley.

They organize approximately 10 events per year, including the annual Harvest Pumpkin Festival race.

The tractors are modified to increase safety and speed but keep the lawn tractor look.

With a few modifications such as handle bar steering, lower suspension and pulley changes, these mowers can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.

Drivers are required to wear safety gear and the raceway is designed to be safe, fun and most of all, provide a great race experience for riders and spectators alike.

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