MP REPORT: Health and safety are priorities

Colin Mayes say the Safe Food for Canadians Act was a milestone in strengthening Canada’s world-class food safety system.

The health and safety of Canadians is a priority of your government in Ottawa and the speech from the throne built on our past initiatives.

Our Safe Food for Canadians Act was a significant milestone in strengthening Canada’s world-class food safety system.

Our government will continue to support a rigorous inspection regime and consult with parents to improve the way nutritional information is presented on food labels.

Your government is committed to ensuring that drug labels are written in plain language, and that the potential side effects of medications are accurately indicated.

To help identify potentially dangerous drugs, and ensure the quick recall of unsafe drugs, our government will introduce new patient safety legislation and require mandatory reporting of adverse drug reactions.

We will expand our national anti-drug strategy to address the growing problem of prescription drug abuse.

We will reintroduce and pass the Respect for Communities Act to ensure that parents have a say before drug injection sites open in their communities.

We will continue to support efforts to educate Canadians on the importance of personal wellness and support initiatives to reduce the injury rate in Canada.

As a grandfather of two adopted boys, and knowing the cost and time involved in adopting a child, it was great to see our government’s commitment to make adoption more affordable for Canadian families.

Our government’s response to the rail disaster at Lac-Megantic was quick, both in financial and humanitarian support as well as legislatively.  We have amended the Railway Safety Act to further enhance the safety of rail transportation which included properly identifying all types of dangerous goods.

Also, your government has committed to environmental protection. We will unveil a new national conservation plan to protect marine and coastal conservation.

We will build on past actions to improve air quality and support non-profit and businesses to create and protect more green space in our urban and suburban areas.

Our government has established the Canadian High Arctic research station and we will continue to work to protect the Arctic environment as well as support the responsible and sustainable development of the great natural resources potential of the arctic.

Health and safety and environmental protection are a priority to your government in Ottawa and we are taking actions to better protect Canadians.