MP REPORT: Technological advances lead the way

Colin Mayes says Canada's future is bright and we need to hear more of the positive changes

The book, Limits to Growth published in 1972, was authored by a number of academics attempting to forecast world economic growth.

One of the statements in the book was that the production of Canadian natural gas would peak by 2001.

Today in B.C. alone, there is a 200 year supply of natural gas and in light of the new shale and coal gas reserves in Canada, we are looking at 400 to 500 years of reserves.

These academics were off by 400 to 500 years because they could not predict today’s technological advances in tapping oil and gas.

Most of us thought that scientific studies were based on absolutes calculated from trial and error in controlled experiments, or analysis in a common sense framewok. Regulations to protect society and the environment have actually forced companies to use innovation to better explore, refine, transport, and maximize the development of natural gas and oil deposits.

If one was to do a study of the industry comparing processes and technology of 20 years ago with today, they would be amazed at the progress that has been achieved.

The doom and gloom scientists of the world could better spend their time helping develop new and better ways to utilize the resources we have on this planet rather than criticize, condemn and attempt to stop that which gives us the modern conveniences of our existence.

Yes, it is wise to proceed with caution, however we have seen amazing things come from advancements in research and innovation.

A good illustration of this progression is our healthcare.

If one compares health care practices of 30 years ago to today, the strides taken have revolutionized life.

Some examples of this include disease prevention and treatment, transplant technology, and artificial joint replacements.

Years ago who would have thought these were possible?

Our government has invested many of your tax dollars into research and development to make life in Canada healthier, more convenient and sustainable.

There are no limits to smart growth, which is to say growth that sustains our environment and social fabric, and increases prosperity.

In Canada, our future is bright and we need to hear more of the positive changes that have made life in Canada what it is today.


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