MP REPORT: Throne speech calls for fiscal responsibility

Colin Mayes provides details on the federal government's plans for this session of Parliament

On Oct. 16, the governor general of Canada delivered the speech from the throne.

It was one of the longest throne speeches ever, and much of what was said was that your government in Ottawa will continue on our successes of the past eight years, namely, the economic action plan, the cracking down on crime, standing up for victims of crime, lower taxes, and more investment in Canada’s infrastructure.

I read the speech and have highlighted the things you might be interested in, that are good for you and Canada.

Your government is going to balance the budget in 2015.

Then we are going to enshrine into law, balanced budget legislation so you can always expect your federal government to only spend what it takes in as revenue each year.

Also, our debt target of 25 per cent to GDP will be attained in 2021.

We will freeze the overall federal operating budget and target reductions to internal government spending.

Public service pay and benefit levels will be reasonable, responsible, and in the public interest.

Disability and sick-day benefits will be reformed to make them fair and accountable.

Our government will continue using modern e-mail systems to be more efficient and move 63 different e-mail systems to one.

Our government will introduce legislation to enshrine the One-for One rule in law. That is, for every new regulation added, one must be removed.

We will streamline the Canadian Forces by putting front-line capability before back-office bureaucracy.

This is a follow-up to former defence minister Peter MacKay’s findings that the Department of National Defence was spending almost $2 billion on consulting.

The consultants were mostly retired Canadian Forces personnel that after retirement returned as consultants at inflated costs.

This practice has been addressed.

Canadians expect government to be cost-effective with their money so our speech from the throne announced our commitment to cost reviews and actions to cut some of the fat.

I will continue reviewing further actions in the speech from the throne in subsequent columns.

Colin Mayes is the Conservative member of Parliament for Okanagan-Shuswap.