New season, new colleague

Carole Fawcett brings her four-legged friend into office

It’s finally arrived – my favourite time of year. I love the cooler mornings, the sunny afternoons and the colours of fall.

A perfect time to introduce my new colleague, but, before she can join me at the office on a permanent basis, she requires some specialized training. She has committed to that, so perhaps by Christmas she’ll be sharing the office with me on a regular basis.

We plan to be a team, working together to help people find the answers to the challenges in their life. She has already worked with an eight-year-old child, helping the child to feel comfortable in the office. She loves children.

Her listening skills are amazing, her warmth, compassion and empathy are already there.

She is a gentle soul and has a playful  humour about her.   Everyone who has met her so far is very impressed with her kind nature.

She shows unconditional positive regard for everyone she meets and it seems they give the same back to her.

Her name is Chloe and she is a five-and-a-half month old pooch. I am a big believer in the power of animals to help heal those who may be in emotional pain. Animals provide unconditional love, can help to lower blood pressure (in pet owners), provide companionship and more.

There are studies that have been done that help to prove that pet owners visit the doctor less frequently than those who do not have a dog. We know that people who live in nursing homes also benefit from a friendly visit from a pooch on a regular basis.

I was in charge of Riding for the Disabled in Manitoba many years ago and the change I saw in some of the young participants was nothing short of miraculous. The simple act of the child bonding with the horse, being able to control such a large animal and the animal’s response to the child was powerful.

Plus, with therapeutic riding, the muscles used to help keep a person balanced on the horse, are the same muscles we use to walk.

It provided an opportunity to have fun and exercise leg muscles in a fun and beneficial way which of course had a spin off effect on the quality of the participants lives.

If you have a dog that you believe would be a perfect ‘friendly visitor’, call St. John’s Ambulance, as they have a wonderful program where pet owners can volunteer their time to take their dogs to nursing homes.

The dog has to be at least one-year-old and able to walk on a loose leash and basically be friendly and loving to everyone they meet. The dogs are put through screening exercises and if it seems that your dog may be a good fit, it is a wonderful way to give back to the community.

Now that the lazy days of summer are past, and school is in again, perhaps our work schedules are a bit heavier and stress is rearing its ugly head once more. If this is the case, let me offer up a solution.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I offer de-stressing, relaxation sessions.

Stress can be managed in many ways. Animals, hypnotherapy, yoga, regular exercise of any type, meditation, eating healthy, reading a good book, hanging out with friends and generally giving yourself permission to just relax.

It will have a direct impact on your sense of well being.

Chloe and I look forward to meeting you wherever our paths may cross.


Carole Fawcett is a clinical hypnotherapist, registered professional counsellor and belongs to several professional organizations. She is a member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.