Noise concerns could stomp out event

CSRD directors go head-to-head with organizers of Silver Creek event


Black Press

Organizers of the 2012 Summer Stomp are frustrated by the cold reception they received from the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District.

Stomp committee president Mike Smith and treasurer Steve Hammer appeared at a recent meeting about the Silver Creek event but enthusiasm was decidedly lacking among board members.

“Did your group not enter into an agreement with the regional district, with conditions you were to follow on how your area was laid out, security, all different things?” asked Falkland director Rene Talbot.

“And one of the issues was the music was to shut down at midnight.”

Hammer told directors organizers were not about to apologize for breaking the music curfew because it has long been a successful means of keeping people safely on site for many years.

“There were seven or eight conditions and every single one was done above and beyond – not even up to, but exceeding,” he said, frustration creeping in.

Hammer told the board 98 letters of support had been sent to CSRD planning assistant Dan Passmore, with a lot of other support expressed verbally.

“We’re talking about one weekend a year; that’s 51 we won’t be in that valley and we won’t  be a bother to anybody. One weekend we’re asking to do a central fire and music until later in the evening, keeping people onsite.”

This did not impress director Larry Morgan.

“I can’t say I was particularly impressed when I heard that it went on to all hours of the night,” he said. “Frankly, I am not prepared to support Stomp in the future…”

Director Jack McInaly was succinct in his condemnation.

“I’m looking at this pretty simply. You signed a contract that had the noise cut off at midnight because noise was an issue in the past several years,” he said. “You broke that contract, why should we give you another one?”

Smith asked directors to consider hosting a community meeting before deciding on the future of the Stomp.

“They have a reason to be upset, but so do we,” said Smith.

“If we had gone back to the June meeting saying we can’t sign this with the midnight agreement because it makes our event unsafe to host, we believe Mr. Talbot would have said ‘sayonara, it’s been a pleasure not doing business with you.’”

Frustrated that none of the positive aspects of the Stomp were brought up at the board meeting, organizers will host a community meeting in Silver Creek.

“We’re going invite those in favour or not in favour,”  said Hammer.

“Even though we don’t think we’ll sway Mr. Talbot, we want people to voice their concerns and accolades.”