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Okanagan Library, Revelstoke branch celebrates new space

The Okanagan Regional Library, Revelstoke branch is busy preparing for their upcoming celebration. The library will be celebrating news spaces coming the library. The celebration will take place on June, 26 from 12:30 p.m until 6 p.m.
The new spaces at the Okanagan Regional Library, Revelstoke branch will include lots of STEM resources

The Okanagan Regional Library, Revelstoke branch is busy preparing for its upcoming celebration. 

The library will be celebrating news spaces. The celebration will take place on June, 26 from 12:30 p.m .until 6 p.m.

The new spaces include the Teenie Teen area, a revamped Family Space, our Library Learning Lab, a new Circulation Desk area, and a new reading room.

Activities during the celebration will include cake, button making, popcorn, bubbles, giveaways, draws and prizes. There will also be hands-on demonstrations in the library's lab as they showcase their STEM resources. 

"Everyone at the library is so excited to officially open up these new spaces and celebrate the community that came together to bring these spaces to life," said Zoe Vedova, social media manager for Okanagan Regional Library. 

Vedova explained that several community members and institutions like the fire department pitched in, helping with tasks such as moving shelves.

"It feels like a reflection of the kind of enthusiastic community the library belongs to," said Vedova.

Vedova also explained how with more young families moving to Revelstoke, the expansion was needed. The news spaces will be used for STEM programs which include a circuit machine, a sewing machine with a serger, green screens and audio equipment. 

As Revelstoke's community is also transient, Vedova sees this expansion as a way to help serve sustainability efforts as people often move to Revelstoke with some luggage and skis. 

"Lots of people already know how to sew but you can't take a sewing machine with you everywhere you move," said Vedova.

Overall, the new spaces in the library are meant to bring people together in a safe and welcoming place. 

"The library has the space to support all of those needs that go beyond taking out physical materials that become those third spaces where people feel safe and supported," said Vedova.

For more information about the library, you can visit their website and Facebook event. 







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