Vernon-born Justin J. Moore’s music video for Someone Who Loved You Can captures Kelowna’s city vibe. (Justin J. Moore - YouTube)

Vernon-born Justin J. Moore’s music video for Someone Who Loved You Can captures Kelowna’s city vibe. (Justin J. Moore - YouTube)

Okanagan musician, producer looking to help up-and-coming talent with giveaway

Musician Justin J. Moore and producer Jackson Parker are hosting a giveaway worth over $5,000

In an effort to highlight local up-and-coming artists, an Okanagan musician and producer are offering a free recording and music video shooting session.

As well, singer-songwriter Justin J. Moore and his producer Jackson Parker will be shining the spotlight on local talent through their new podcast, which gives new artists from the Okanagan a chance to talk about themselves, their inspiration, their musical style and of course, a chance to showcase their music for all to hear.

“Our goal is to help somebody who’s already kind of on their way in this industry or kick-start the road for somebody who hasn’t even broken into the industry yet,” Moore said.

Moore and Parker wanted to give back to those who supported them with the release of Moore’s song and music video Someone Who Loved You Can. The music video racked up thousands of views when it came out in January of this year.

“This is a song I produced myself and Jackson produced the video for it. So we want to offer that exact process to somebody in the Okanagan for free.”

Moore and Parker’s giveaway, worth over $5,000 will include help with producing a song, as well as an accompanying music video.

“If someone has a song they’ve got written and they don’t know what to do with it, they can bring it to us, I would produce it for them and make it sound the way they want.

“Once we get it there, we’ll have a professional music video made for them and we’ll help them release it and promote it,” he said.

Those who want to participate can apply by filling out Moore and Parker’s form, as well as sending in the song they want to produce.

Moore said he and Parker will look through the applications and select the song they connect with the most to produce the best music video possible.

In all, Moore and Parker want to use their platform and resources to help open doors for other Okanagan artists.

“There hasn’t been a giveaway like this in the Okanagan… it just gives people access to us and gives them an opportunity to make a long-lasting connection with us and our connections,” he said.

The application for the giveaway can be found here.

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