Opening up technology to seniors

Opening up technology to seniors

Schubert Centre offers support to those needing a hand

Too many people of a certain age feel intimidated by technology.

It fosters a feeling of being left behind. It’s intimidating and causes a feeling of isolation.

There are generations, for example, who do not think of writing a letter, using an envelope, finding a postage stamp and taking a trip to the mail box.

For them, an email or a text message is just so much easier and so much faster.

At the Schubert Centre, Vernon’s community centre for seniors, group and/or individual lessons are offered on the basics of technology.

Programs at the centre provides basic lessons on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

As well, more advanced classes such as computer security, safe-guarding important files with backups, updating software and a myriad of other skills are provided for the public.

The mantra behind these technology assistance initiatives is that regardless of previous experience, these skills can be learned by people of all ages.

“It is access to a whole world of knowledge and does not have to be intimidating. It can even be fun,” stated the Schubert Centre media release.

“This is our invitation to the community to drop by the Schubert Centre and let us help expand your technical abilities.”

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