Opposition pans Liberals’ meat regulations

Agricultural critic calls for immediate action to assist farmers

The provincial government’s commitment to take action on meat processing is under attack.

The Regional  District of North Okanagan has been pushing Victoria to change regulations so slaughtering can occur on farms.

“It’s hard to believe it has taken eight years for the Liberals to finally admit their meat regulation, which banned farm gate meat sales across the province, has failed,” said Lana Popham, NDP agriculture critic.

Norm Letnick, B.C.’s new agriculture minister, recently stated that addressing the lack of farm gate sales is a top priority.

“It’s sad that fixing something the Liberals broke eight years ago has only just now become a top priority, but given the fact that Mr. Letnick is the eighth Liberal agriculture minister we’ve seen in just five years, it’s abundantly clear the Liberals don’t take the agriculture industry seriously,” said Popham.

“After spending eight years making it difficult to buy local meat, it’s time the B.C. Liberals admitted their push to shut down small farmers has done little but reduce consumer choice.”