Outdoor fitness pushed at park

An Enderby politician wants to get residents more active.

Coun. Howie Cyr is recommending that the community invest in outdoor exercise equipment at Barnes Park.

“I’ve looked at the system in Sicamous and with a range of residents using it there, it’s impressive,” he said.

“There are a wide range of exercise activities you can do.”

The equipment provides the ability to focus on balance and flexibility, cardio, core strength and upper and lower body strength.

Cyr is convinced there is a need to help residents stay in good physical condition, particularly with increasing concerns about obesity.

He believes the machines could be popular with seniors.

“This appeals to a wide range of age groups but baby boomers and seniors can work as hard as they want to work,” he said.

There isn’t a concern that they could be the target of illegal activities.

“They are well made so I’d be surprised that they could be vandalized,” said Cyr.

The potential cost for 16 work stations is $20,000.

“I’m really anxious to get on with it and I will talk to potential fundraising partners,” said Cyr of service clubs and the parks and recreation commission.

The goal is to have the equipment included in the 2012 budget.