PACs share grants

PACs share almost $12 million in B.C. government community gaming grants

Parent Advisory Committees (PACs) that support extracurricular school activities, including sports, arts, educational camps and class trips will share almost $12 million in B.C. government community gaming grants this year.

B.C. community gaming grants will provide a total of $11,700,000 to 1,470 PACs and $125,000 to 49 District Parent Advisory Committees (DPACs) in communities throughout the province. These committees work with school staff to enhance the educational experience for students at B.C.’s public and independent schools.

“The funds will help schools make purchases for items such as sports equipment and musical instruments that provide additional opportunities for students to learn and benefit from their school years,” said Community, Sport  and Cultural Development Minister Coralee Oakes.

For example, PACs work with their schools to cover the costs of instruction for curling, tennis and golf through SOAR (Sharing Our Activities and Resources), a program developed by three provincial sport organizations: Curl BC, Tennis BC and British Columbia Golf.

Gaming grant applicants must be the PAC or DPAC for a school that delivers the K-12 curriculum, and there must be at least two parents willing to be accountable for the funds.

Applicants can contact Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch at 250-387-5311 for advice about applications.