The Prospera Vernon Dragon Boat Festival raised $7

The Prospera Vernon Dragon Boat Festival raised $7

Paddlers fight breast cancer

The third annual Prospera Vernon Dragon Boat Festival was another resounding success

The third annual Prospera Vernon Dragon Boat Festival was another resounding success.

The event attracted 600 paddlers to Kal Beach in Coldstream.

“We have worked hard to create an event that benefits and connects our local community. Our partnership with Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation has been a major focus in this regard,” said Lisa George, manager of the festival, which was hosted by the Vernon Rowing and Paddling Centre.

“Through a pledge drive, the event leaves a substantial legacy, purchasing critical breast cancer diagnostic equipment. This year’s festival has raised $7,500 to date, making the total raised over three years $24,000.”

The Vernon Dragon Boat Festival has now joined forces with Wine, Women and Woods and the Bosom Buddies.

The groups are supporting the VJHF’s Take a Picture digital mammography campaign and are working together to support the purchase of a new imaging unit. s

“The mammography department at VJH is currently working with film-based imaging technology, and is the last department to change over to a digital system,” said George.

The new digital mammography technology will improve screening and treatment for women.

“With daily fears of a system breakdown, the difficulty of getting replacement parts and the delays to patient screenings and diagnostic examinations, it is critical that we reach the $428,400 goal quickly,” said Sue Beaudry, VJHF director of development.

One out of every nine women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer within their lifetime.

“That’s a sobering fact and one that hits close to home for many of our staff,” said Darrell Oshiro, Prospera Credit Union’s Vernon branch manager.

“Through our active participation and support of the Vernon Dragon Boat Festival, we’re helping to ensure that VJH has the diagnostic tools to aid in the early detection and treatment that will ultimately result in better outcomes for women right here in our community.”

Prospera Credit Union is the sponsor of the festival, and the team from the local branch was the top fundraiser after collecting $2,500.

“The support given by our sponsors and supporters is incredible,” said George.

“Prospera, Sun FM, Natures Fare, Silver Star, Kal Tire and the Investors Group are all working together with the event to provide a unique sporting and fund raising opportunity. We are looking forward to building and growing this event.”