Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper (left) accepts a cheque for $13

Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper (left) accepts a cheque for $13

Park dials into Telus funds

The City of Armstropng accepted a cheque for $13,450 from Telus

An unnamed, undetermined project for Armstrong’s Memorial Park has received a significant cash infusion.

The city accepted a cheque for $13,450 from Telus which will be used towards some kind of park restoration project.

“In order to do good in business, we must do well in the communities we live, work and serve,” said Steve Jenkins, Telus B.C. Interior South general manager, in making the cheque presentation to Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper, with help from Cheryl Fraser, Telus senior market manager.

Jenkins said he has been working with Armstrong on various projects since 2006 but started a huge undertaking in the city’s 100th birthday year of 2013, introducing fibre optic cable for its residents.

A portion of customers’ hook-ups to fibre optic was returned to the community by Telus in the way of the cheque.

“We came to you to see if there was something near and dear to the community’s heart that we could provide assistance with or perhaps a contribution,” said Jenkins. “It became very clear that Memorial Park is a project that’s very important to the city.”

What kind of project will be undertaken with help from Telus’ assistance has yet to be determined, though Pieper was ecstatic to receive a large donation.

“This is fabulous,” he said. “It will definitely go toward some kind of restoration project in the park.”

Fraser said Telus ran about 12 to 15 different type of family and community events in Armstrong over the past year, including sponsoring a swimming day at Memorial Park’s outdoor pool.

“We held open houses and we have a small retail presence here,” added Jenkins. “We ran these events to create awareness of this investment of capital and discover what the delivery of fibre optic cable to the municipality really meant.”

Jenkins praised the city for its support and the customers who have connected to fibre optic.


“Without their beliefs in our products and services, this contribution wouldn’t have been made,” he said.