Lumby Lions Club donated $1

Lumby Lions Club donated $1

Park pioneer honoured

The Village of Lumby has paid tribute to a longtime resident

The Village of Lumby has paid tribute to a longtime resident.

The sign recently installed on a neighborhood park on Saddleview Avenue recognizes long time citizen George Herman Fisher, an original member of the Lumby Community Club, a club that looked after the town in lieu of a civic government.

The park, originally developed by the Lumby Lions Club, had suggested that it be named after Mr. Fisher, who passed away on Nov. 17, 1980.

“He was a chartered member of the club since 1947 and was instrumental in looking after the Easter Seal campaign for crippled children, raised funds for the community park, the outdoor swimming pool, formed the first Lumby water district and donated the land of where the Pat Duke Arena is situated,” said Lumby Lions Club president Leslie Aldridge.

A donation by the Lumby Lions Club of $1,000 was received by the Village of Lumby that allowed design and fabrication of the sign, which was recently unveiled with Fisher family members on hand.