Peaches coming on stream

Okanagan fruit growers are keeping busy in the orchard

An abundance of Okanagan fruit is increasingly available.

Nectarines and peaches have joined late-season cherries at local fruit stands and grocery stores.

“Weather was favourable for peaches and nectarines growing season so consumers can expect the quality consistent with the B.C. Tree leaf,” said Chris Pollock, B.C. Tree Fruits marketing manager. “Peaches and nectarines will be available until mid-September.”

There is also an ongoing focus on late-season cherries.

“They are superior in quality and size compared to some of the earlier harvested cherries,” said Pollock.

Growers are also now turning their focus to apples.

“While Washington and eastern Ontario apples have been jeopardized and in some cases wiped out with unfavourable weather, B.C. Tree Fruit apples are on schedule for a comparable crop size and quality to 2011,” said Pollock.

Some early apple varieties are currently available.