Pedalling for Papua rolls into Vernon

Jeremy Bally will host a presentation Sunday at All Saints Anglican Church.

Pedalling for Papua is coming to Vernon.

On his 12,000 kilometer international bicycling and performance tour, Jeremy Bally is riding into Vernon for a Sunday event at All Saints Anglican Church.

Pedalling for Papua aims to raise awareness of the 50-year-old human rights and environmental abuse in the underreported region of West Papua.

“As home to the bird of paradise, the second largest jungle remaining in the world, and our planet’s most bio-diverse marine zone, this beautiful region has been subject to what many observers have dubbed a slow-motion genocide,” said Barbara Liotscos, volunteer for Pedalling for Papua.

“As many as 500,000 indigenous West Papuans have died as a result of the military presence and lack of development in their homeland.

“This story needs to be told, and it will be.”

Bally is touring a multimedia performance on his bicycle.

The show takes recorded conversations with West Papuan exiles, refugees and activists live on stage through an original animation. This is projected beside Bally as he narrates with original spoken word poetry and ukulele based hip-hop music.

“Last year I rode my bicycle 7500 kilometres across Canada,” Bally states on

“I did a series of multimedia presentations about my experience in West Papua.  I let some folks know about what was going on there.  It was good. But not enough.”

He will hold a by-donation performance at 7 p.m. at the Anglican Church, 3205 27th St.

“Changes happen when people get together and demand it, and that takes awareness. I can do that.  Sorry, scratch that. We can do that,” said Bally.