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PHOTOS: Raptors touch down in Vernon

Birds of prey coming to Allan Brooks Nature Centre

You’ve likely heard about The Raptors visiting the Okanagan in July, but which ones are they? No, they’re not the Toronto Raptors, but they are faster, sleeker, very skilled, and capable of doing amazing things.

These Raptors are nature’s MVPs and will be at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre (ABNC) July 4 to 9.

The Raptors land at the centre as they complete a Western Canadian tour focused on education and conservation.

This year’s visit will include a gyrfalcon. A beautiful and masterful hunter, the gyrfalcon is the largest of the falcon species and is the official bird of the Canadian Northwest Territories.

On the opposite side of the size spectrum will be a North American kestrel, the smallest of the falcon species and really the “little ninja” of the birds of prey. Cute, but skillful and deadly.

“Most of us only see these birds at a distance. Having a chance to see them up close changes your view of these animals,” said ABNC event organizer Keely Schneider. “As much as they have an important role, we do as well. We need active conservation practices so we don’t lose these magnificent birds.”

Director of Operations at The Raptors, Robyn Radcliffe, agrees.

“Our mandate is to raise awareness for birds of prey and promote conservation,” she said. “We need to protect our wild places and find balance with the environment. Bringing people closer to our birds of prey can help inspire a love for nature, and in turn, a future where birds and humans can live in balance.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet these and other amazing birds and learn what makes them unique and vital to our environment. You might even get close enough to hear the air move through their feathers when they fly inches above you.

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