Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell

Pool includes expert’s picks

Take part in the first-ever online Morning Star Cup Hockey Pool.

If you think Sidney Crosby will out-point Steven Stamkos, and if you believe PK Subban will have more points at the end of the year than Duncan Keith, congratulations.

You are in hockey pool agreement with The Morning Star’s, um, expert.

And that might not be a good thing.

Beat The Expert – Morning Star sports editor Kevin Mitchell – is just part of the fun and experience that comes along with the first-ever online Morning Star Cup Hockey Pool.

“I’ve lost more than I’ve won in my 34-year career,” said the humble Mitchell. “Mind you, I did win a big one just a couple of years ago.”

Beat The Expert is an added category to the online pool, which is open to everyone 19 and over and can be found at (click on the Contests tab where you’ll be taken to the page to select and register your team).

All entries who end up with more points than Mitchell will be entered into a draw for a prize.

The pool’s grand prize, however, is a big-screen television. Second prize is a recliner and third prize is a sound bar for surround sound. All three of the main prizes have been donated by City Furniture.

The pool consists of 26 boxes. You simply pick one player or team from each box to fill out your team’s roster.

Categories include forwards and defencemen, whose total points will be tallied. There are also boxes made up of players from only the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers to choose from, and there’s also a box featuring the seven Canadian teams. Pick the team you think will end up with the most points based on wins and losses.

Teams get two points for a win, one point for a shutout and you get a negative point if your team loses in regulation, overtime or in a shootout.

Each registered team will have a chance to make up to three trades during the NHL’s all-star break in January.

The entry deadline is 4 p.m. Wednesday, which is the start of the NHL’s regular season.

Partial standings will be printed in each Wednesday edition of The Morning Star newspaper. Complete standings will be available online.

There is no fee to enter.