Pre-registration needed for shinny in Vernon

Pre-registration needed for shinny in Vernon

Drop-ins will still be free but pre-registration and ID cards will be needed

Changes are coming to the popular shinny hockey drop-ins at Vernon’s Centennial Outdoor Rink.

Drop-ins will still be free but pre-registration and ID cards will be needed.

“ID cards are being required so that we can ensure that only age-appropriate players attend each shinny,” said Mike Knights, recreation programmer with the City of Vernon.

“They also help us to determine attendance numbers to help in our yearly planning out of what to offer on the rink and at what times.

“Lastly, the cards ensure that we know that participants have permission from their parents to take part in the activity, and allow us to find emergency contact information if required.”

Before shinny starts at the rink, parents will need to sign their youth up for shinny using a barcode found on the recreation programs website – www.vernon;.ca/parks-recreation/programs-schedules/skating-schedule-rates.

Parents can register youth online or in person at the Vernon Recreation Centre, and must also fill out an acknowledgement of risk waiver, which is also available at the rec centre or on the website.

The waivers can be scanned and e-mailed to, faxed to 250-550-3705 or handed over to a clerk if registration is being done in person.

“The registration and the waiver provide us with the information we need to issue each youth a coloured ID card with the name of the youth and the barcode number of the shinny they registered for,” said Knights.

All ID cards will be printed up and will be available for pick up by the youth as of the first day that the rink is open.

Cards will be at the front office, so all the youth has to do is stop by the rec centre and pick up the card on the first day they play to play shinny.

“Once your youth has received their ID card, they will need to keep it on them or in their bag that they bring to the rink,” said Knights.

“They will need to be able to produce it if asked by a staff member, and if they can’t do so, they will be asked to leave the ice and will not be permitted to return until they can produce their card.”

If a card gets lost or stolen, the youth may request a replacement card at the front desk for a fee of $5.

A parent is not required to request a replacement card.

The shinny barcodes will be as follows:

#34019 Parent and tot, five and under, white card;

#34020 six-to-eight years shinny, blue card;

#34021 nine-to-11 years shinny, brown card;

#34022 12-to-14 years shinny purple card;

#34023 15-to-17 years shinny orange card;

#34031 18+ shinny green card.