Program provides nutritious food

The Food Action Society is promoting its Good Food Box program for the holiday season

Good food, good idea.

The Food Action Society of the North Okanagan is again promoting its Good Food Box program for the holiday season.

The Good Food Box helps hundreds of individuals and families throughout the North Okanagan access an affordable box of locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables for only $15 per month (an approximate $30 retail value).

A sample box would contain perhaps five pounds of potatoes, one pound of tomatoes, three pounds of apples, a pound of red grapes, 12 oranges, one pound of onions, two pounds of carrots, one lettuce, one bunch of broccoli, a B.C. cucumber and two pounds of yams.

There are two ways you can help: pre-purchase boxes for $20 month that will go directly to support families and individuals. From every box purchased, $5 will go towards supporting the Good Food Box program.

Or, you can provide a general donation to be used as needed to support the program.

For more information about the Good Food Box, visit or call 250-306-7800.