Program wraps up old appliances for recycling

In Vernon, drop off your small appliances like toasters, blenders and such at Chasers, Interior Freight and Venture Training for recycling

With the holidays just around the corner, toasters, blenders and other small appliances are sure to change hands prompting a proud new owner to ask, “What do I do with my old small appliance?”

Unplugged, the Small Appliance Recycling Program, gives British Columbians an environmentally-friendly alternative to trashing their old toaster or binning that blender this holiday season.

The first small appliance recycling program of its kind in Canada, and the only government-approved program in B.C., Unplugged recycles over 120 small appliances, many of which may make the perfect holiday gift like toasters, blenders, curling irons and bread makers.

The majority of materials used in small appliances, including plastic, glass, metal and aluminum will be recycled through Unplugged.

“Small appliance recycling is an important environmental initiative for B.C.,” said Brock Macdonald, executive director, Recycling Council of British Columbia. “By diverting more products from landfill, Unplugged will recover valuable resources, promote conservation and help municipalities reduce the costs of managing waste.”

Unplugged has over 100 collection locations across the province, including three in Vernon, so British Columbians can have a happy holiday while still helping to reduce pollution and save energy by recycling their old and broken small appliances. Locally, appliances can be taken to Interior Freight and Bottle Depot, Venture Training and Chasers Bottle Depot.

The program operates on a non-profit basis and is funded by a recycling fee applied to new products brought into B.C. by small appliance manufacturers and retailers.

This fee covers all program costs, including collection, transportation and recycling, and may be included in a product’s price or displayed as a separate charge at check-out.

British Columbians can go to for more program details, and a full list of accepted products and locations.