The Proving Ground wrestling event raised $3

The Proving Ground wrestling event raised $3

Radiothon raises record $62,000

Sun FM’s 12th annual Have a Heart Radiothon raised a record $62,000 for Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation

Sun FM’s 12th annual Have a Heart Radiothon raised a record $62,000.

From 6 am to 6 p.m. April 30, Brian Martin and Betty Selin broadcasted live from Village Green Centre and sought donations for Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

The day began with a great start, having raised $12,600 from local events, including the Rockin’ for Radiothon, a Cod Gone Wild benefit concert, the Proving Ground wrestling event, the Rice Box Wokathon, and the Sun FM third annual Rock the Cradle.

“Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to the radiothon,” said Elise Allen, Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation president.

“From the giving of donations and gift incentives, to the volunteers who answered phones and collected donations throughout the day, to the families who shared their stories of the help received at VJH, you made it happen.”

Funds raised will purchase a glidescope and broselow crash cart for women’s and children’s health services at VJH.

The glidescope is a video laryngoscope, providing a clear and real time view of airways, enabling quick and easy intubation on babies and children’s small throats.

The broselow crash cart is designed to accommodate medical supplies needed in a crisis situation.

It has colour coded drawers that relate to the varying ages and sizes of children receiving care, allowing for fast action to be taken when saving a child’s life.