Katia Zaretski

Katia Zaretski

Radiothon tunes in $31,595

Vernon’s eighth annual Variety Children’s Radiothon a success

Vernon’s eighth annual Variety Children’s Radiothon was a success.

The event on Kiss FM Wednesday and Thursday raised $31,595 for children who have special needs. Generous callers also sponsored 301 Buddy Bears for children at Vernon’s Jubilee Hospital.

“The success of the radiothon is due entirely to everyone who made a donation, held a fundraising event for Variety, volunteered to answer the phones or acted as a Variety ambassador, helping to spread the word about the work we do,” said Bernice Scholten, Variety’s executive director.

“All funds raised in the Vernon area will stay in these communities, and it’s wonderful to see families helping other families. We are honoured to have helped to facilitate that.”

Local children, like Katia Zaretski, from Vernon and Corinna, from Armstrong, were true Variety champions, donating what they could to help other children.

Katia, who had pneumonia a few years ago, has fundraised for the radiothon for the last four years, organizing bottle drives, emptying her piggy bank, and contributing what she earns from two paper routes.

Corinna first heard the campaign on the radio a few years ago when she was only five, and told her mom that she wanted to donate all the money she had been saving for a new bike.

Knowing that some children who have special needs may never get the chance to even go for a ride, she said “I guess I can keep riding my old bike.”

Since then, Corinna has continued to fundraise and donate Buddy Bears.