Ali Russell (right)

Ali Russell (right)

Recycling education stops in town

Recycling games and smart phone apps were on display with the B.C. Recycles Summer Ambassador Tour

Recycling games and smart phone apps were on display as the inaugural B.C. Recycles Summer Ambassador Tour swept through Vernon.

Two co-op students from Simon Fraser University set up a display outside of London Drugs to educate locals on what materials can be recycled.

“It is good to talk to people face to face,” said ambassador Sarah Pratt.

“It’s amazing how much people already know about recycling. We are hoping to spread the message and further their education.”

The display presented by Pratt and Ali Russell was comprised of brochures and hands-on activities for the kids about recyclable materials.

They were also promoting the B.C. Recyclepedia app, which was developed to divert used materials away from landfills by recycling.

A lot of common items are mistakenly thrown away. Used oil, tires, electronics, batteries, medications and light bulbs can all be recycled.

The ambassador tour will attend more than 1,500 recycling collection facilities to gather feedback on stewardship recycling programs.

Pratt and Russell will also attend 25 community events across B.C.