Keenan Henry (from left)

Keenan Henry (from left)

Rescuers flock together to save birds

Quail chicks and parents were found near a storm drain on East Hill

Neighbours came together to rescue the pint-sized children of some frantic parent Friday evening.

The parents, a pair of quail, were spotted pacing by Adam Joyce and his father-in-law Richard Dakin, as they were taking their dog Pebble for a walk in East Hill.

“At the corner of 11th Street and 35th Avenue, they came upon a  pair of frantic quail parents, and three very small chicks, near a storm drain,” said Tikicia Joyce, Adam’s wife.

“They noticed the quail did not run away as they approached, but instead paced to and fro, calling out. Hearing chirping from the drain, they removed the grate and began trying to bring the chicks out.”

Adam jogged home to return the dog and pick up his truck and his wife, Tikicia, to join in the efforts to rescue the chicks.

The truck was used to block traffic while they worked.

“Curiosity struck passers-by Derek Rush, Keenan Henry, and Meredith Papatsie, who stopped to lend a hand,” said Tikicia.

As it turns out, there are spaces behind the concrete walls of the drain, which the chicks were hiding in.

“Using bird seed and a lot of patience, they worked for hours to coax the chicks out where they could scoop them up,” she said. “One-by-one, the chicks were rescued and immediately returned to their family, which waited in the safety of a nearby bush.”

It was midnight by the time the rescue efforts, which started at 9:30 p.m., were complete and all six of the baby quail were back safe with their parents.