Rescuers gain gas training

Vernon, BX-Swan Lake and Okanagan Landing firefighters complete natural gas safety training

Local firefighters are enhancing their abilities  in case of a natural gas emergency.

Members of the Vernon, BX-Swan Lake and Okanagan Landing departments recently completed a Fortis gas safety train-the-trainer course.

“The training focused on chemical make-up and properties of natural gas,” said Jack Blair, Vernon deputy fire chief.

Other topics covered were natural gas distribution systems and transport of liquid natural gas, safe operations of natural gas burning appliances and emergencies involving natural gas and natural gas vehicles

“Gas safety is an important aspect of a firefighter’s training,” said Blair.

“This program provides firefighters and first responders with information to optimize efficient, safe and effective response to emergencies where natural gas may be involved.”

Participants are now capable of training members of their fire departments in this program.


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