Residents reminded of fence restrictions

City of Vernon wants to ensure residents follow the rules when constructing fences

The City of Vernon wants to ensure residents follow the rules when constructing fences.

A zoning bylaw sets out heights that apply to fences, walls, chain link fences and hedges in all residential zones.

“Property owners are responsible for making sure they, or their contractors, are compliant when constructing screens, fences, walls or planting hedges on their property,” said Clint Kanester, bylaw enforcement manager. “We would be happy to come out and assist in fence design, rather than have to deal with a fence improperly constructed.”

The bylaw states a fence must be 1.2 metres (4.0 feet) if situated along the lot lines within front yard setbacks, while it can be two metres (6.4 feet) if situated behind the front yard setback.

A fence can also be two metres high (6.4 feet) if situated along the interior and exterior setback and/or rear yard.

A traffic bylaw also contains regulations for lots at an intersection corner that restrict fence height in a defined vision clearance area to one metres.

“In all cases fences are to be constructed entirely on private property and are not to extend over, nor infringe upon the city right-of-way,” said Kanester.

Wood fences:

• Shall be designed to a high level of finish with materials of lumber grade standard or better.

• Posts shall be treated against rotting to provide for the longevity of the fence.

• Shall be constructed with all components of sufficient size, materials, and strength to prevent sagging and to minimize rot.

• Along sloping ground, the top of wood fences shall be horizontal with vertical drops at the posts.

• lattice or other screening is considered in the measurement of the wall or fence.

If a fence, wall or hedge doesn’t conform, an enforcement process would be required to force changes to bring the fence into compliance with the city’s regulations.