Rural arts secure support

Cultural activities are getting an infusion of cash in Lumby and Cherryville...

Cultural activities are getting an infusion of cash in Lumby and Cherryville.

The White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture  Advisory Committee will enter into  three-year funding agreements with the Cherryville Artisans Society and the Monashee Arts Council.

“We will help them with funding,” said director Randal Ostafichuk.

“Arts and culture are a big part of the community and if we don’t support them, they won’t find sources of revenue on their own. Culture adds value to residents.”

The Monashee Arts Council and the Cherryville Artisans Society will receive funding applications from cultural groups and then determine how the money is allotted.

“We won’t meddle in their affairs,” said director Eugene Foisy, adding it would be difficult for elected officials to determine who is worthy of funding.

While  he supports arts and culture in the community, Foisy isn’t sure how taxpayers will react to providing funds to non-profit groups.

“It’s a hard thing to do (grants) during tough times,” he said.

Rick Fairbairn, White Valley chairperson, says an extensive consultation process has led to the agreements and he is satisfied the public interest is being protected.

“The arts and culture side of the advisory committee has largely been ignored over the years and this is an opportunity for the community to get into play,” he said.

Staff had recommended $6,450 be provided to the Cherryville Artisans Society this year and $29,050 to the Monashee Arts Council.

However, more information is required before directors can decide what level of funding they will approve.