Safety of salmon funded

RBC has renewed its support for a “salmon-friendly” eco-certification program

RBC has renewed its support for a “salmon-friendly” eco-certification program that helps B.C. agricultural operations grow with the environment in mind.  RBC presented $50,000 to the Pacific Salmon Foundation for their Salmon-Safe BC program at a fundraising dinner in Kelowna.

RBC helped fund the initial two-year pilot which resulted in the formal launch of the program in B.C. last year. To date, 34 B.C. operations are Salmon-Safe-certified, including farms, vineyards and cattle ranches.

The program works with operations to use “salmon-friendly” practices such as water efficiency which reduces the use of nearby stream water, protection of native plants which provide food and shelter for salmon and wildlife, and avoidance of pesticides that threaten aquatic life.

The new grant will be used to roll out the second phase of the program which includes targeted expansion to Okanagan vineyards.  Four Okanagan vineyards have been certified to-date: Tinhorn Creek, Covert Farms Organics, Harker’s Organics (Rustic Roots Winery) and most recently Nk’Mip Vineyard.

“The most fertile land is located beside rivers and deltas where wild salmon live, so engaging agricultural operations will make a huge impact,” said Foundation president and CEO, Brian Riddell.

“RBC’s continued funding is helping us to educate and engage businesses that are sometimes unknowingly affecting wild salmon habitat.”

The RBC Blue Water Project is The grant was made as part of RBC’s Blue Water Project, a 10-year, $50 million philanthropic commitment to supporting organizations that protect watersheds and ensure access to clean drinking water in Canada and abroad.

Interested businesses can contact program manager Michelle Tung at 604-664-7664 ext. 118 or