Sailing club offers classes

NOSA is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting boat safety in a fun environment.

The North Okanagan Sailing Association wants to put you at the helm.

NOSA is a non-profit organization aimed at  promoting boat safety in a fun environment.

The association teaches all ages how to sail on  different classes of  boats suitable for various ages and skill levels.

“We start with the eight-to-10-year-olds in Optis, growing into the Flying Juniors for 11-to-17-year olds in a safe and fun and environment,” said Ashley Poulin, NOSA’s summer program administrator.

“We also offer evening and weekend learn to sail courses for adults 18-plus in adult-size Club 420 sailboats.”

NOSA runs all of its sailing school classes weekly through the summer months.

“Each course gives you the chance to try something new, make some new friends, and the opportunity to earn your CANSail levels  one and two from  nationally certified sailing instructors,” added Glen Dick, NOSA’s sailing director

“And the kids come down and just have fun in and around Okanagan Lake.”

It is a  simple message  to new boaters:  wear a life jacket,  slap on a hat, slop on the  sun block,  and drink plenty of fluids.

For more information, contact the North Okanagan Sailing Association  at  250-260-4255 or go to