Derek Deans

Derek Deans

Scans support area food bank

Henry’s Dad Computer Repair and Technical Solutions is helping the Salvation Army Food Bank.

A local businessman, who has had his own share of hard times, wants to give back to those most in need.

Derek Deans, owner of Henry’s Dad Computer Repair and Technical Solutions, is offering his scanning services Saturday in support of the Salvation Army Food Bank.

“This time last year I was employed as a remote area medic up north however I slipped on an ice patch and seriously injured my back,” said Deans, a father of four, who was forced into some tough times.

“As a result of this injury my financial situation took a nose dive.”

Although his situation has returned to normal, he now understands first-hand the importance of services for those in need, such as the food bank,

“This was an extremely humbling time and one I never wish to be in again,” said Deans. “Hard times can hit anyone.”

As part of his new business, Henry’s Dad Computer Repair, Deans converts customers’ old negatives, slides and photos into a digital format that can be saved on a computer or memory device.

“I own a high resolution negative scanner that can scan almost any type of media and am able to enlarge images to huge resolution sizes.”

Deans will host a Scanning for Food event at his home workshop at 132 Sarsons Road, Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“I will basically scan, edit and enlarge up to 20 images at absolutely no cost – all I am asking for is a contribution to the food bank box,” said Deans, noting that the same services are available for approximately $2 per image at some businesses.

“People can get some of their old memories digitized and put on a CD as a great Christmas present for their friends or family, they can have an old photo restored and enlarged to fit a nice new frame, some of the old negatives may not have been viewed for many years.”

While Deans is eager to give back to the food bank, he is also looking forward to making the season a little merrier for customers.

“I recently completed a project for a customer who has Alzheimer’s and it was great to see his face and listen to his memories when he started to recall his wartime memories in Germany.”

Coffee and hot biscuits will be available during the day as memories are preserved and support is raised for those in need.