Science of Lumby spray park explored

Lumby youth may have a chance to cool off and learn about science at the same time...

Lumby youth may have a chance to cool off and learn about science at the same time.

The White Valley Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will determine if there is community support for a science-themed spray water park after receiving a proposal from the Okanagan Science Centre.

“They are coming to the table with ideas,” said Rick Fairbairn, WVPRAC chairperson.

The Vernon-based science centre has suggested such an amenity could also be educational.

“There are some really cool examples of outdoor water-themed exhibits and spray parks and we could be very open to providing any assistance to the planning committee if there is any interest in incorporating science into the spray park,” said Sandi Dixon, Okanagan Science Centre executive director, in a letter.

“In addition to helping with planning, perhaps there is funding we could apply for that otherwise wouldn’t be available to the project.”

A $348,258 provincial grant is being sought for a fitness circuit and water spray park in Oval Park.

It’s projected the seniors fitness equipment would cost $116,149 while the spray park would be $319,173, for a total price tag of $435,322.

Beyond a provincial grant, there would  be $30,000 from the Teddy’s Angels and Martin’s Devils ball teams while WVPRAC has $57,064 in its 2012 budget.

Fairbairn believes the involvement of the science centre could make a water park more viable.

“Any where we can obtain additional funding, we would look at it,” he said.