Neave Allen

Neave Allen

Shiva makes an impression

A Vernon teen has been inspired by a global food advocate to pursue her passions

A Vernon teen has been inspired by a global food advocate to pursue her passions.

Neave Allen, 14, met Saturday with Vandana Shiva, who spoke at the Schubert Centre.

They discussed Allen’s efforts to stop B.C.’s wolf cull.

“Dr. Shiva explained to me that what is happening to the wolves in B.C. is happening to the elephants in India because when people base their success on growth, they think it makes it OK to destroy, or rape nature,” said Allen.

“She said that we don’t have the right to take their ecological space away and after stealing their space, to kill them. She even signed our petition against the wolf cull.”

Allen says she’s been trying to understand the decisions behind the wolf cull and the implications to the environment.

“Wolves are being shot from helicopters and others are being collared and used as Judas wolves. They lead shooters to their dens and see their whole family killed, and we know that wolves are very attached to their family and feel sadness,” she said.

“The province says it’s to save caribou, but wildlife experts blame the disappearance of caribou on the deforestation of their habitat.”

Allen has captured the interest of Nelson filmmakers Max and Virginia Frobe.

Their latest effort is Neave and the Wolves.

“A group of personalities varying in backgrounds and life experience make up the cast of characters in the movie,” said Allen.

The trailer for the movie will be available in the coming months or go to Facebook’s Neave and the Wolves, the Movie.

Shiva’s appearance in Vernon was presented by the Food Action Society of the North Okanagan.