Min Sidhu has been named the 2011 Woman of the Year.

Min Sidhu has been named the 2011 Woman of the Year.

Sidhu honoured with Woman of the Year title

Min Sidhu was named Woman of the Year 2011 to loud applause at the Vernon Women in Business 24th Annual Woman of the Year Gala Thursday at the Best Western Vernon Lodge.

The delight and congratulations would have to come later as Sidhu, who had been called away on a family matter, could not be present. Her nominator, Mohini Singh, accepted the award on her behalf

“Min gives from the bottom of her heart. You are very lucky to have her in your community. It has been an honour to be Min for tonight and I know she will be thrilled.”

Sidhu was one of 10 nominees selected for the excellence, dedication and inspiration of  their personal and professional lives and their community service. Each nominee received a keepsake plaque, a gift basket, and their nomination package, which contained the letters of support and commendation.

Sidhu has served 14 years as administrator of the Vernon-Monashee constituency office, helping to find funding for numerous community organizations. She and her husband, Sid, run their family business, Bella Vista Farm Market, and have three daughters. She is active in the East Meets West international orphans’ foundation and the Punjabi Heritage Society.

Guest speaker, Michele Harshenin, of Mandala Reflections, talked about how her life had been ruled by fear until she was able to forgive past misdeeds and start being true to herself.

“There is fear of judgment and rejection. We all share this fear,” she said. “When I was able to speak my truth and share my heart with others, I understood that the courage to be ourselves let’s us see our strength and beauty and the gift in our darkest moments. We are each a piece  of a picture of beauty and humanity. Celebrate your uniqueness, your struggles and your successes. Step through your fear and your perspective on life will change.”

The Woman of the Year was selected by a committee of judges made up of community members.