The 5k Foam Fest comes to Silver Star Mountain Resort Saturday

The 5k Foam Fest comes to Silver Star Mountain Resort Saturday

Silver Star ready to host Foam Fest fun

The 5k Foam Fest hits the slopes at Vernon’s mountain resort Saturday, June 13,

Canada’s foamiest, muddiest, funnest family run is coming to town for the Silver Star opener.

The 5k Foam Fest hits the slopes with upwards of 5,000 contestants at Vernon’s mountain resort Saturday, June 13, which is also opening day at the Star.

“The 5K Foam Fest is not a hardcore race it is a funcore race,” said president Jesse Fulton. “The goal is to have fun while running.”

The event is nearly sold out, following a very positive response from the Vernon/Kelowna/Okanagan community. But there are still spots left.

Unlike most runs, which are geared towards the challenge, this event puts the focus on fun so people of all fitness levels can participate.

“Don’t get me wrong though, this is still a race that you will feel in the morning and it can be challenging if you want it to be, but the smiles are endless at Foam Fest and we sure won’t be shocking you with electric currents or freezing you with ice,” said  Fulton.

Individuals who are just friends wanting to try something new, soccer and hockey teams, nurses and teachers, police stations and fire departments are just a few of the people taking part. Plus there are a number of families.

“Our youngest runner to date was a nine year old, as that was the age minimum last year,” said Fulton. “We have lowered the minimum age to eight years old this year.

“Our oldest runner has been 87. He may not have had the fastest time, but he did it with his daughter and created some outstanding memories, that was a great moment to see them cross the finish line together.”

The Foam Fest will have participants charge through 20 obstacles, including foam, small mud pits, climbing walls, ropes, cargo crawls and giant water slides.

Registration for Foam Fest is accessible online at until midnight on Friday, June 12. Silver Star winter and summer season pass holders are eligible for a $10 discount on the registration fee.

Carpooling for the race is strongly encouraged. A $10 (cash) event parking fee is being charged for race participants.

For riders, racers, and spectators, there will be a family-friendly food and beer garden set up below Town Hall with live music and a family seating section. Two bands will play throughout the day and evening, including popular local band Cod Gone Wild. Admission to the food and beer garden is free.