SilverStar Mountain invites residents to escape smoke

SilverStar Mountain invites residents to escape smoke

Air quality better on the mountain; free family movie event slated for Saturday night

Wanna beat the smoke? Head to the mountain.

Get high above the haze at SilverStar Mountain Resort where the air is cleaner.

With a stagnant and stable weather pattern over the BC Southern Interior, the valley haze is expected to stick around. The air quality index, as of Friday morning is 6, which is in the moderate range. The index is expected to rise to 7 later Friday, but back down to 6 for the weekend.

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“The thickest of the smoke is at the base of the valley, and the higher in elevation you go, the better the air quality,” said Wesla Wong, meteorologist at SilverStar Mountain Resort. “With no major changes in the weather pattern through the next few days, the haze at the valley bottoms will stay at least through the weekend.”

In addition to the resort’s regular operations, the resort is hosting Movies in the Mountains, a free outdoor theatre event in the village on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Guests are invited to bring a blanket and a few pillows to watch Avengers: Infinity War under the stars with the whole family.

A concession will be available with popcorn and beverages.

SilverStar’s in-house meteorologists will continue to monitor the weather situation. The latest mountain weather information can be found online here.

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