Skaters kick off Summer Jam

Summer’s heating up for local skateboarders.

Summer’s heating up for local skateboarders.

WEST49 in the Village Green Centre and Fulcrum Skate are teaming up to kick off the summer skateboard season by hosting the first Summer Jam 2011.

The event takes place Tuesday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Coldstream Skatepark in Creekside Park.

“This is the longest day of summer and is the international skateboarding community’s official season kickoff date,” said Scotty Gwyer, manager of WEST49.

Cold drinks and hot dogs will be sold for $1 each with proceeds of the Summer Jam going to the Big Brothers and Sisters organization.

The event is open to all ages. There will be a best trick contest in three different skill groups, and the contest will be a jam format, so more prizes for more kids, a level competition field and more chances to land some awesome tricks.

“There is a lot of skateboard talent and some amazing terrain in the Okanagan, and this event brings forward an opportunity for the community to learn more about skateboarding,” said Gwyer.