SPCA adoption numbers rise

Adoption numbers are up from last year; 494 animals adopted in 2015 compared to 451 adoptions in 2014.



While the Vernon SPCA is celebrating a busy year for adoptions, unfortunately animals requiring medical care and animal cruelty cases are on the rise.

Adoption numbers are up from last year; 494 animals adopted in 2015 compared to 451 adoptions in 2014.

Last year’s adoptions represent 169 cats, 143 kittens, 119 dogs, 17 puppies, 25 small animals, six birds and 15 farm animals who all found loving new homes.

“The number of adoptions fluctuates but that is the second busiest year for adoptions we’ve had in the last five years,” said Chelsea Taylor, Vernon SPCA branch manager.

Currently, the local branch is caring for 41 animals, which Taylor says is a little below average for this time of year as they’ve been so successful with adoptions lately.

Unfortunately the number of animals requiring help only continues to grow.

“We did have more animals requiring medical care come into our branch this year, and this number seems to be on the rise,” said Taylor, adding that the SPCA relies on donations from the public to be able to cover veterinary costs for these animals.

“From severe dental disease to limbs requiring amputation, we get all kinds of different cases.”

Across the province, the number of calls regarding possible animal cruelty is also on the rise.

“Our cruelty investigations department investigated 199 complaints in the Vernon area alone in 2015, similar to 2014 at 198 and up from 2013 at 134,” said Taylor.

Across B.C., more than 10,000 potential cruelty complaints came in and were investigated.

Taylor notes that part of this can be attributed to more public awareness and the implementation of the B.C. SPCA call centre in March of 2013.

People can now call a toll free number to report any cruelty complaints or wildlife concerns, at 1-855-622-7722.

Any and all donations to the SPCA are greatly appreciated in assisting animals in need.

Along with cash donations, the local branch is in need of several items for their furry friends.

“At the moment we are most in need of canned dog food, cat toys, chewy/meaty dog treats, hypoallergenic or limited ingredient dog food for our dogs with skin allergies, and puzzle toys for our cats and dogs,” said Taylor.

“We can also always use cleaning and office supplies, and a new can opener.”