Storage Wars event benefits mission

The popular storage auction returns to Vernon Thursday at the Storit Place

Yuuuuup! Storage Wars are back.

The popular storage auction, based on the popular TV show Storage Wars, returns to Vernon Thursday at the Storit Place.

“It’s just like the show,” said auctioneer Kevin Rothwell, as angle grinders will be used to saw off the locks of six units, and the potential buyers will have five minutes to check out the contents.

Thursday’s event will benefit the Upper Room Mission, who will be on site with a canteen. The $2 admission rate will also support the Mission.

The auction starts at 1 p.m. at 2402-43rd St. and is expected to draw a significant crowd.

“During the last one (in November) we had 109 or 110 registered bidders and a crowd of about 200,” said Rothwell.

“Generally they’re a lot of fun. There’s part entertainment value and usually half the crowd is just there to watch.”

But for those bidding, there is also an opportunity to find some treasures.

“Some people do really well,” said Rothwell of those with the trained eye who can spot hidden safes, antiques and potential gold mines.

Units are sold for various prices, depending on the contents and bids.

“We’ve had everything from $5 and it’s yours…to $2,900.”