Morgan Rattliff and Trevor Pearson are Lake Country youth councillors.

Morgan Rattliff and Trevor Pearson are Lake Country youth councillors.

Students drive road discussion

A Grade 12 George Elliot student has presented Lake Country council with concerns about roads

Lake Country students are speaking up about dangerous intersections in the district.

Trevor Pearson is one of two high school students who takes part in Lake Country council meetings as youth councillors.

The Grade 12 George Elliot student presented the district with findings of some consultations with the graduation class at GESS as well as others in the community when it comes to safety at several intersections.

“Intersections are one of the most important parts of the district,” said Pearson.

“It’s where you don’t see as much as you need to if there is not enough light.”

Pearson laid out the four main intersections students would like to see street lights added.

Lodge and Sherman roads. Pearson said it’s proximity to an elementary school makes it a top priority with the number of small children in the area.

Davidson Road and Okanagan Centre Road East. “It’s very dark in front of the bus stop,” he said. “Having a streetlight at the bottom of it would make it possibly more safe and less scary to walk up the hill.”

Bottom Wood Lake Road near the Winfield Arena. Not a true intersection but Pearson said it’s a high traffic area for kids.

“On Friday night when kids meet up at the skating arena, a streetlight somehwere near the area is probably a good idea,” he said.

Okanagan Road East and the Lakes subdivision. Pearson said the area could use a streetlight and also had another question about safety in the area.

“How is it OK for the Lakes subdivision to only have one entrance?” he asked council.

Mayor James Baker admitted it was an issue.

“That’s something that is of concern,” said Baker. “It was permitted at the time.”

Coun. Rob Geier added it’s not the only subdivision in Lake Country with only one entrance and exitway.

Councillors took no action after Pearson presented the information.