Students hit the books this summer

Okanagan College offers two summer sessions for students looking to get a head start on fall semester

Students looking to get a head start on the fall semester, and still leave room for a solid summer job are registering now for the first of two summer sessions at Okanagan College.

The compressed sessions, which start in May and again in July, give students a chance to take various English, math and distance education programs.

The first session runs seven weeks starting May 6, while the second session starts July 2 and runs six weeks through to Aug. 16.

“What we have learned over the years is that students who want to get ahead are willing to double-up on their class time for a short period in the summer,” said registrar Jane Muskens.

“Some of our summer students want to make sure they have a block of time completely free in the summer to take on work. Others plan on enrolling full-time in the fall, but they just want to take one course now. Either way, summer sessions can give students a little extra boost, and can even take some of the pressure off come fall.”

In distance education, students can choose from a variety of courses, ranging from first to third year, including courses in marketing, conflict resolution/negotiation, entrepreneurship, creative writing, history and biology.

Registration for both sessions is currently now open.

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