Crews work on the new Quail Trail in Lake Country.

Crews work on the new Quail Trail in Lake Country.

Trail links community

Lake Country's newest trail, Quail Trail, completed

With a little planning, some funding and a good working partnership, more is being done in Lake Country to link neighbourhoods to schools and parks.

Planning of the Quail Trail began as a result of park land dedication through the townhouse development on Quail Road.

“There are a lot of young people that walk from the Copperhill and Clearwater neighbourhoods to George Elliot Secondary School daily,” said Greg Buchholz, Lake Country’s operations manager.

“Having a good system of safe walkways, trails and sidewalks is crucial to our goal of connecting neighbourhoods to schools and parks. The Quail Trail now connects about 535 households to the recently updated Lodge Road transportation corridor.”

The Rotary Club of Lake Country has initially donated $5,000 to the project and Walk Around Lake Country volunteers worked along with Rotary, District of Lake Country staff and businesses to complete the project.

A new trail-level rail crossing has been arranged through Knighthawk (Kelowna Pacific Railway) to complete this project and district staff are working to extend a safe walkway from the east end of the new Lodge Road pathway to the rail crossing.

“Local businesses and individuals like Sky High Disposal, Gary Lowe Contracting, Pier Mac, Mark Tarasewich, and Ferguson Land Surveying and Geometrics also generously contributed to this community project with materials, time, expertise and good value for services and products,” said Elisabeth Dahnert, WALC member.

“The trail looks fabulous and is ready for use.”